Instructions for changing Library Links

These instructions will guide you through the annual update of documents available from the Library links.

TIP: To keep these instructions open in one window while you make the changes in another, make the changes in one browser (i.e. Chrome) while entering '' in a second browser (i.e. Firefox or MS Edge). You can then flip back and forth between browsers while you work.

Step 1: Upload your document files to the Media Library.

Step 2: Navigate to the Library (if you're not already there).


Step 3: In the Media Library, click on the document you want to create a link to.


Step 4: In the window that opens, place your mouse in the field shown below. Click and press 'Ctrl A' (Cmd A on a Mac). This will select all the text in the field.

Then press 'Ctrl C' to copy this link to your clipboard.

TIP: If you're updating more than one document, copy all the links to Word or Notepad. You can then copy them from there to the Library links, rather than having to repeat these first few steps.


Step 5: Navigate to any page of the site and open the Page Builder. Under Saved Rows, click on the wrench icon beside the 'Library' row.


Step 6: When the Library links open, click on the button you want to assign the document to (the document you copied to the clipboard in Step 2.)


Step 7: In the window that opens, place your mouse inside the 'Link' field and click once. This will place your cursor in the text of the field.


Step 8: Press 'Ctrl A' to select all the text, then press 'Ctrl C'. This will paste in the link you copied in Step 2 over the existing link.

Very Important: If you didn't press 'Ctrl A' first, the link will be pasted in where the cursor was, without overwriting the existing link. The result will be a broken link.


Step 9: Click 'Save' to save your change.

Step 10: Click 'Done' in the Page Builder (upper right corner of the screen), then click 'Publish Changes' in the window that opens. If you don't 'Publish Changes' your change will be lost and you'll have to do it again.

Step 11: (almost done!) Repeat Step 10 to close the Page Builder.

Repeat these instructions for the other buttons.