Our Tiny Tot's Program


Our Tiny Tot's Program is designed with thought and purpose in mind for each little dancer to evolve. Each class has been geared towards a child’s psychology and strives to create a nurturing, comfortable, and fun atmosphere.

As the Tiny Tots begin to evolve through the program, it is repetition and consistency that are vital keys to their learning process. Some may take several sessions of a class before their time has come to take the next step.

This program will prepare them for so many things- seen and unforeseen- in their future. There are preschools, structured activities, and before long our Student's Program that will take them through their High School graduation and beyond.

Imagine, with all they are learning today, where they will be in the future. Growing up in a dance studio creates so much more than just a healthy lifestyle and activity. There are traditions, history, personal values, and self-worth that will remain with them for a lifetime.

Class NameDayTimeSession DatesCost
Ballet/Tap 1st IndependentFriday10:30 - 11:15June 1st - July 26th Summer 2020$141
Magical Mornings w/guardianTuesday9:30 - 10:15September 8 - December 6 Fall 2020$258
Magical Mornings w/guardianFriday9:30 - 10:15September 8 - December 6 Fall 2020$258
Ballet/Tap 1st IndependentFriday10:30 - 11:15September 8 - December 6 Fall 2020$258
Magical Mornings w/guardianTuesday9:30 - 10:15December 7 - March 14 Winter 2020$258
Magical Mornings w/guardianFriday9:30 - 10:15December 7 - March 14 Winter 2020$258
Ballet/Tap 1st IndependentFriday10:30 - 11:15December 7 - March 14 Winter 2020$258
Magical Mornings w/guardianTuesday9:30 - 10:15March 15 - June 13 Spring 2021$258
Magical Mornings w/guardianFriday9:30 - 10:15March 15 - June 13 Spring 2021$258
Ballet/Tap 1st IndependentFriday10:30 - 11:15March 15 - June 13 Spring 2021$258
Magical Mornings w/guardianTuesday9:30 - 10:15June 14 - July 25 Summer 2021$65
Magical Mornings w/guardianFriday9:30 - 10:15June 14 - July 25 Summer 2021$65
Ballet/Tap 1st IndependentFriday10:30 - 11:15June 14 - July 25 Summer 2021$65

Tiny Tots Uniforms

Magical Mornings, Mommy and Me, and Hip Hop

Girls/Boys: Anything you can move in or dance clothes. Bare feet, pink ballet shoes, or clean sneakers


Girls: Black leotard (no jewels or attached skirt), pink Revolution dancewear tights, pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes (tap ties if needed), pink or black ballet skirt (optional). Please have hair away from the face

Boys: Black sweat pants or leggings, white t-shirt, black ballet shoes, black Slip-On Tap shoes.

As a convenience for our dance families we extend the offer for you to purchase all your dance attire at our studio for a reasonable cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to our Dance Family or are an existing client we would prefer to have a face-to-face registration. We want to ensure that all your questions have been properly answered and all your needs have been taken care of. To schedule an appointment please call our studio directly at 858-229-0120 or email us at info@lovetodanceinc.com.

Attendance is very important in a Dancer’s progress and development. Makeup classes should be completed within two weeks of a missed class. Please email or call the studio for makeup class reservation at 858-229-0120 or email info@lovetodanceinc.com.

Any Dancer wishing to discontinue classes during the season may do so by notifying Love to Dance Inc. in writing prior to the 1st day of any calendar month and before the last portion of the dance year (May-July), thereby releasing the student from further tuition obligations. If a Dancer withdraws after May 1st they will be responsible for May - July’s tuition. The first and last month of tuition is non-refundable. No exceptions will be made.